A Dislike, Low Angle, and From a Distance

Dislike, Distance, Landscape, Low angle, Photographic challenge, Photography, Rain, Waves

Over the summer of 2014 I was set out to take, edit, and upload 30 photos of a set list of themes, flowers, technology, sunset etc. Here, I have few of my photos and there will be more to come.

A dislike, then rain, urgh, I look this photo with one of my 0.45X wide angle lenses one to capture a sizeable composition, but by using this lens it gave a natural vignette. I did a little editing to this photo by heavily increasing the contrast in the image and by lowering the saturation.

Low angle, this photos I took serval attempts to take as timing the waves crashing up on the rocks took along time, but after finding a focal point i was happy with by using a faster shutter speed I was able to that this lovely photo, in combination with my polariser filter it gave a pleasing and vibrant image.

From a distance, this is a really nice picture because using my 2.0X telephoto lens I was able to get a lot of depth into the image with the grass in the foreground, but to also sharply focus on the look out tower in the back. Whilst using this lens i noticed it gave a nice strong but small vignette to the image but I increased the saturation in the image to give it a little pop.

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