Shoes, Self Portrait, Shadows, and My Cats Eye’s

Landscape, Photographic challenge, Photography

A few more photos from my summer.

Shoes, I think this picture is really pleasing because of the composition and also how the wide angle lens gives this amazing field of view.

Self portrait, this picture I took at 6:30 in the morning whilst heading down the motorway, I like this picture because of the early hours it gave the picture lots of natural light creating a nice orange ora, in the picture the camera lens collected a lot of dust with subtly compliments the image.

Shadows, this picture I took with Richárd stood on a wall so i can get this really nice low angle photo. I also blurred the edges of the image to focus the viewers attention on the center of the image in combination with a subtle vignette.

Eyes, this is a lovely close up of my cats eye’s, It took me about 2 hours to get the shot and well it payed off, I increased the contrast in this image aswell to really give an enhancement to the pupil of her eye.

One thought on “Shoes, Self Portrait, Shadows, and My Cats Eye’s

  1. Great evaluation Jakob…You have a good level of technical skill already so the next step will be to extend that knowledge and give yourself a creative challenge when we begin practical work.


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