Technology, Black and White, The Sky, and Metallica!

Black and white, Metallica, Photographic challenge, Photography, Sunset, Technology

More of my photo’s from the 30 photographic challenge.

Technology, this is a nice image because as it was captured I was playing with the lighting in my room at the time to give this stuttered light effect. I also gave a subtle tilt shift to the picture to focus to viewer on the middle proportion of the image.

Black and White, this photo i took with a low ISO to to make the contrast between the black and whites harsher but to also make the blacks smoother. I also used a macro lens in combination with a uv filter to give a lovely depth of field and to give a true to life toneĀ rendition.

Sunset, with this picture I merely had a few minuets to take it, but using a wide angle lens and my blue gradient filter it truly gave a stunning picture, by focusing on the sky instead of the foreground it gave an amazing silhouette on the houses below. I also added a vertical tilt shit effect to the image to guide the viewers attention to the center.

My favourite thing, this picture is of a Metallica patch on my leather jacket. I took this picture perfectly in the light but i also increased the exposure and contrast to give the image alot of drama.

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