AO3 Portraits shoot 3

AO3, Portaits

I did one more shoot just to see whether I could achieve any better photos as I wasn’t as satisfied with the second batch. In this shoot I tried to communicate more with the subject and tried directing them to get the photo I wanted.

I took around 200 photos in total but I still think I could get better ones by adapting off some of the ideas I have used in this shoot.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 09.35.27 Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 09.35.38

I usually take my photos in two formats one Mono High Quality JEPG image and also a RAW file so it means I can have the good quality black and white image but also have the really high quality colour image for later reference.

Looking though these sets of photos multiple times I have found a select few that I think are good and up to the standard I’m aiming for. These are some photos I have found I worked best with the subject on communication, directing, the image lighting and all around a good quality image.

5Non  > 6Edit

I liked this photos because the camera isn’t focused on her face completely, It is in fact focused on her hair and I think it shows a lot of complexity and it shows how tiny and small details can change and image.

7Non  > 8Edit

When I took this photo I was cleaning my lens and then I remembered a technique where I can create a soft focus image by breathing heavily onto the lens and it game a brilliant halo effect.

9Non  > 10Edit

This photos I’m not 100% satisfied with because she isn’t in focus and this is the only one of these I took, I think if i were to come back to it in the future I’d bring her further away from the background and light the background to create a nice halo effect behind her, and then check she’s in focus.

11Non  > 12Edit

This photo I liked because the set behind the subject I took half of it down and I gave a interesting slant to the background and I think with the way the subject is positioned it looks like a leading line into his hair.

13Non  > 14Edit

This is my final picture and I like this one a lot because of the lights on both sides, darkening the subjects face, I think this effect creates a real mood to the image and makes one question who the subject is.

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