AO4 Reflections Final Images Evaluation

AO4, Evaluation, Reflections

Here I’ve juxtaposed my final images to some of the ones from earlier I was basing my work off.Reflections-3Screenshot 2015-01-13 11.40.29 Here Is my image I took of a water droplet on a fake leaf and I think although they don’t look exactly the same because I was trying to achieve the surreal looking water droplet complimented by the soft lighting and the blurred background. I think in comparison to my image this photo has the same meaning and perspective behind it even though I was’t able to achieve the eyes in the middle of the droplets. If I was to improve this photo I would defiantly try and either through photoshop or practical photography get some object to appear inside of the eyes Reflections-1 Next I based this image I took of off the photo with the roses in the droplets, I think the colours are very similar with the muted but lovely red tones. I also like how in this photo in the droplet the saturation of the tones inside the droplet are very vibrant and this reflects the idea of the surreal setting. Screenshot 2015-01-13 11.38.54 I think If I were to take this photo again I would raise my f stop to give me a deeper depth of field and get the entire of the branch in focus, this would mean the photo would have had more depth and it sets apart the branch from the background.

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