Irving Penn Juxtaposition.


Irving Penn & Martin Schoeller

On the left is a photograph by Irving Penn and on the right a modern photograph by Martin Schoeller. Both of these images have similar qualities such as the composition, for example the use of symmetry and both images have something on one side of the image to balance them out, on the left image the woman has her hand on her right side of her face, and on the right image there is part of the subject’s dress on her left to balance it out. However, on the left image Irving Penn has used more space in the image leaving less negative space filling out the entire photograph. The main difference I can tell between each photography is not the Black and White filter, It is in fact the use of depth of field, Martin Schoeller’s photograph has a shallower depth of field and it seems to drive the views attention towards the from of the subjects face creating more detail and depth to her face. But on the other hand Irving Penn’s photography is in black and white and has a larger area in focus which allows for more detail in the image, but because of the black and white the subjects features stick out more due to the increase in contrast.

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