AO2 Big Head Build



So based off of the research I have done on Eric Testroete and Gwon Osang I have decided to do my own low poly 3D paper head. The process consisted of me 3D modelling my friends head after taking about 4 photos of his head and then I unwrapped that into manageable pieces to print on A4 paper.

Final Build

One thought on “AO2 Big Head Build

  1. Hi Jacob,
    I have had a look at where you are up to so far. There are some very interesting ideas beginning to emerge. You need to pick up the pace in terms of getting on to the next phase of photo taking and experimentation and go into more depth with research to move ideas forward. You need to evaluate your research in order to underpin your BIG idea. We have had a few conversations about various routes forward that explore distortion and movement. This would give your 3d work more depth. Particularly if you link in with your research on Francis Bacon and Irving Penn at the end of the summer term. I look forward to seeing the next steps… Target wise you are almost there but you need to make some progress with more photos this week linked to more in-depth research.


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