AO1 Ron Mueck Research


Ron Mueck

Upon first impressions Mueck’s work is very daunting and very intimidating due to the scale and realism that is presented in his work. Because each of his works are sculptures and not photographs it  is hard to capture the essence of each piece, however by using the lighting in the galleries they’re installed in each of these photographs seems to bring the sculptures to life.


All of Mueck’s work fall into the Uncanny Valley as they’re so lifelike they’re not, this is where a manmade object seems ‘creepy’ and one feels uncomfortable when viewing the piece as it resembles a human so much it is
unpleasant to view, this can be explained in the diagram to the right.

The beautiful idea about Mueck’s work is because his work isn’t of any in particular who is ‘significant’(to the viewers, however to Mueck they may have some importance) it adds more mystery of ‘who is this person’ and Mueck has to capture their personality in the sculpture to convey to us who they are and what they mean to him.

Each of his sculptures feels ‘Dirty’ they feel very explicit and raw in the fact they’re not censored and they feel very real by the way he shows the imperfections in the human face and the imperfections of each character trying to keep them as real as possible.

Patricia Piccinini

Piccinini’s work is a very odd one. Once again, like Ron Mueck’s work her works are either installations or sculptures, therefore they’re hard to capture in just a single photograph. However in terms of photography techniques, the majority of these photos have the same ‘feel’ of Ron Mueck’s photographs as they both have very warm and soft colours and tones in the flesh coloured photographs and this is to make each sculpture look very realistic and lifelike.

And again, like Mueck’s sculptures Piccinini’s works fall into the uncanny valley, however because each of her works are not ‘humans’ they’re very complicated to understand. At a fist glance one would assume it’s just another human sculpture, but intact they’re some humanoid animal that have distorted and very distinct features which some people find creepy and unsettling.

One image in particular speaks to me as I adore the composition and lighting on the image(Bottom left), I feel having the hot air ballon slightly offset to the right and having the camera on an angle tilted up creates a very basic, but please composition. I find it very similar to the works I have been experimenting with and I feel having the very warm and orange hues contrasting on the very bland and subtle background really adds to the image and makes the sculpture stand out. And another level that is show in the image is the scale, due to having people in the image it shows the gravity and size this hot air balloon is, this is very important to have to show the impact and extent of this project.

Zarko Baseski

Baseski creates sculptures that are very, very similar to Ron Mueck’s  not only in ideas, humans, people, faces etc, but also in aspects of scale, Baseski’s sculptures are big, very big. However in contrast to Mueck’s and Piccinini’s works Baseski’s are very dark and look very sinister if study them for long enough, as a viewer you have to work out and understand the mindset of Baseski when he was creating these scuptures.

Each of Baseki’s works is in the ‘Hyper Realist’ style that both Mueck’s and Piccinini’s works are in, and the combining that with the effect of scale on their work to add and extra dimension and to let the viewers see the detail and complexity in each face.

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