One thought on “AO4 Final Head Photographs


    Hi Jacob,
    Really like the new ideas developing out of the layers you have been burning and integrating into portraiture. It’s true to say I have smelled the work you have done this week rather than seen it!! As discussed the final phase of this chapter needs to conclude U3. I would like to see you begin thinking about how you can bring together portraiture and the abstract layers you have begun working on. We discussed the possibility of these layers of noise/abstract marks being expressive and symbolising aspects of the experience they represent. You will need to think about a final portraiture photoshoot that allows you to explore these ideas…Research Abstract Expressionism as this Key Movement may unlock ways of using mark-making that link to you ideas more meaningfully. I also suggested you look at Arnulf Rainer as he combines mark-making and layers on his own self portrait photos…lots of angst and inner turmoil.. Remember to get started with your written work as the first draft is due on Thursday 19 Nov.


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