AO2 Posters and Prototypes


I started off by creating works That were inspired by Jacques Villegle’s to do this I used some landscape photos I had already taken and used different filters on each nothing to extensive just some basic over saturation, Black and white and some under exposing. After that I printed each image out onto A4 and glued them one over another onto a large piece of foam board. After the glue had set I ripped each piece to give a layered effect.


This was my first attempt at creating something that was inspired by Jacques Villegle. I finished it off by giving the image some highlights with some spray paint.

For my second prototype I did the same process on the first one but using A3 Paper and I made the backboard more graffitied and more used. I also did more ripping to show off the lower layers of the images more.


This prototype was more successful as the image clearly looks like a piece done by Jacques Villegle.

For my next prototype I used some foam board to create a model house and this is show how this process could be made to fit the side of a building. The images I used were taken straight from the internet, but I only did this because I need real looking posters as if they’re going to be used for an advert and didn’t have time to make my own.

I love the resemblance between mine and Jacques Villegle’s because there is so much going on in the sculpture it gives the same effect.

After I made these images I need some overlays to put over the top of the posters I will eventually make to make them look old and used. This was an easy process because all I did was burn some pieces of paper to darken the paper like so.

After I did this I used some basic photoshop skills to warp and crop each image so It coved the entire of the photo.

For my Final prototype I made 4 different posters Each of these I tried to focus on the subjects face.

I then finally took my original method of overlaying each posted on a large board and gluing each layer down.

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