UNIT 4 Dramatic Images: Landscapes

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When I thought of ‘Dramatic Images’ I instantly think of Landscapes. I started to research on Pinterest and find images that had a range of different shot styles, angles and moods. I created a board that shows the type of images I wish to recreate. I want to link each of these photos together by creating the same mood throughout them and give a bleak and washed out feel.


Here are a few shots of me editing some of my final photos in Lightroom. This process took a long, long time. I would have recorded my editing process in a time-lapse, however because of the amount of different edited I ended up doing the video would have either been too long, or too fast to understand what I was doing.


For the shoot itself, I set out to take photographs of impressive landscapes and the fact I live in the Lakes District really benefited me. I went on a walk up the Old Man in Coniston and tried to take as many pictures of the mountains. The key idea I tried to link throughout all of my shots is the skies; if I got loads of shots of the skies moving in different ways and in different styles I gave me a large variety during editing.

Here are my contact sheets:


My final photos:

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