UNIT 4 Dramatic Images: Lomography/Analog

Unit 4


For my UNIT 4 I decided to take a different path to my other peers, I delved into the sea of film/analog photography. Specifically, I looked at Lomography; Lomography is a post-modern adaptation of the retro film style of the 70s and early 80s by combining 35mm film with basic, cheap, simple and plastic camera equipment. Cameras such as the Diana Mini, Lomo LC-A+, Holga 120 and the famous Diana F+ are all simple point and shoot film cameras that all have unique faults with each model, creating individual and unrepeatable images. For my shoots, I used the Diana Mini with Fuji 400 X-Tra Film.

I created a Pinterest board to show the images I want to recreate:

I did some research and I found the book called ‘Shoot Forever’ which is a Lomography book created by the people who make the Diana Mini and it has a lot of helpful tips and inspiring images. The images that I’ve set out to re-create and use as reference don’t have any spesific photographer, but I’ve found all of them very powerful and Dramatic.


In terms of editing… there wasn’t any really. Only a slight saturation increase here and there and a few light vinette’s to focus more on the centre of the image but apart from that, these are the photos that came straight from the camera. I did do a few processing techniques when the film was still in the camera, when I was rewinding my roll every 8 or 9 clicks I would open and close the back really fast (just like in the image below) to create red and orange leaks of light onto the film.

The rest of the processing was up to Asda’s photo development area. I indented to get 3 rolls of film developed but sadly they don’t develop Black and White film, So I’m waiting in anticipation to develop them myself.


Here is a small contact sheet of the images I was able to actually use and I’ve also added a scanned negative of the entire roll of film.



Here are the final edited photographs.

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