UNIT 4 Dramatic Images: Portraits

Unit 4



For portraits, I created a board on Pinterest o images that really caught my eye and started to explore into the photographers that took them.

Terry Richardson

The first photographer I looked at was Terry Richardson from New York who is a fashion photographer and is famous for his Punk/’Amature’ photography style. Terry has been referred to as ‘The world’s most F-ked up fashion photographer’ for his risky style of fashion photography. The best was to describe Terry’s work is ‘Amature’ because he is a professional, but his work seems very mediocre in a sense because of the basic setup: camera, flash, white background, done. But, this simplicity is what he uses to show the raw, ‘inner person’ of the celebrity he’s photographing. Here’s a Pinterest board I created on Richardson:

Terry Richardson reminds me a lot of an old Punk photography called Gavin Watson who took photographs throughout the 80s and early 90s of the Punk and Skinhead era and his photographs are very raw and help you connect into those people’s lives.


The Terry Richardson inspired shoot I did on a Nikon Nokkormat and Agfa Visa Plus 200 film. I had the film developed in C-41 and Then digitally scanned the negatives. I edited the photos in Adobe Lightroom,  I didn’t do any real ‘extreme’ editing just basic colour, exposure and contrast correction.

Here is the setup lighting setup I used:


Here are some screenshots of the editing process.



Here is an annotated contact sheet of the Terry Richardson photo shoot.

Some of the images have dust and scratches on them but that was the desired effect of making the images look more ‘amateur’ like Terry Richardson’s.


Here are my final photos:




I started by looking through my first Pinterest board to find images that are very dramatic and are clearly processed through software like Photoshop.

Federico Bebber

Federico Bebber is an Italian photographer who digitally edits his photographs to make them look surral and dramatic. When asked why he creates his digital art he said ‘Probably to avoid a psychologist. I just need it: I feel better when I create something and usually, I do it when I’m in a bad mood. There’s a lot of myself in my creations. I don’t know the artistic value, but they trace my life perfectly.’  I created a Pinterest board of Bebber’s work:


The shoot as comprised of many different elements: Having the smoke realistically adapt to the subject’s face, making the model create a dramatic expression and finally making the image dramatic through the final editing. For the smoke itself, I used smoke matches which burnt for about 30 seconds which gave me a very limited window of opportunity to take the photographs themselves. I waved the smoke in front of the model’s face and then took the photograph.

Here are a few screenshots during the editing process. I overlayed a few of only the smoke shots over the top of image and changed the blend mode so they would create more density in the smoke.:


I made a contact sheet of all the images I took in the shoot:


Here are the final images:

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