UNIT 4 Dramatic Images: Double Exposure

Unit 4



My next adventure into Dramatic Images was exploring the topic of Double Exposure, this is the simple process of overlaying multiple images that have good contrast between the blacks and whites and it creates very impressive images. Double Exposure allows photographers to juxtapose two completely opposites in the same photograph. I created a Pinterest board of some images which inspired me for this shoot

A lot of these images were probably created through photo manipulation in Photoshop and changing the blending mode of one layer to create this effect. But, I wanted to take a different approach and wanted to see what It was like to create Double Exposure Images there and then in the ‘field’.

I’ve done some research on one photographer imparticular, Jasper James. Jasper creates very surreal images that combine images of people and images of large cityscapes and buildings to create a juxtaposition in one single image. Here is an image board of some of Jasper’s work’s:


For this photo shoot I went up a local mountain with some other people and started off by taking a photograph of some background that had a lot of contrast, either some trees against the sky or a set of leaves. I then took another photograph of someone’s face or someone standing against a white background. I did this all whilst using the ‘Multiple Exposure’ function on my camera which allows me to combine the images there and then on my camera, that didn’t mean it was all finished however…

After taking the photographs I then imported them into lightroom and began to edit them. I started off with a few basics: alter the exposure, brightness, contrast, and colour saturation. I then gave each image a vintage look by using  split toning in Lightroom which lets me pick colours for the shadows and the highlights, I chose a complimentary colour scheme for this e.g. yellow and blue. Here are a few screenshots:


I created a contact sheet of the Double Exposure Shoot:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 08.38.42


Here are the final photographs edited photographs from the shoot:




For the analog section I looked at Lomography double exposure taken on cameras such as the Diana Mini, and Holga 120. But, I wanted to have more control over my photographs in terms of focus and lighting so I used  my Nikon SLR, this meant instead of being able to take multiple images in one go I was bound by taking an entire roll then rewinding the roll and reshooting. Here’s a Pinterest board I created:


For editing this shoot it was a matter of just exposing the film more than once. To do that on a standard SLR there are two methods. Method one is to just take and entire roll of film, rewind the film until the leader is just hanging out and then reinsert the film and take the next roll, the only thing to keep in mind is to try and keep each photograph you take slightly underexposed(Just so you don’t ruin the photos completely). And method two is taking each photograph individually and the rewinding the roll one exposure back and then expose another photograph overtop. Here is an image to illustrate the method: FilmRewind


I created a contact sheet of the shoots I did:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 12.00.42


Here are my final photos:


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