Unit 4

UNIT 4 Dramatic Images: Skies

March 18, 2016



After experimenting with Landscapes, I feel like there’s more to a landscape image that it just being ‘Dramatic’; all the elements in a photograph have to be perfectly captured to create a truly dramatic image. I adapted from this to capture skies.

I started by creating a board on Pinterest of different ideas that I might continue and pursue:

This board really inspired me to find a particular photographer who creates stunning images such as these. I started by looking at Ansel Adams because he’s a very famous photograph, specifically for taking images of Yosemite National park in California.


All the editing for these images was done in Lightroom. I tried to recreate an HDR effect by increasing the brightness of the shadows and darkening the highlights to create a flatter tone. I also used a gradient filter t0 darken the sky and create a lot of drama and contrast. Here are a few screenshots:


I’ve created a contact sheet of all the photographs I took:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 12.07.10



Here are my final photographs:

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