UNIT 4 DRAMATIC IMAGES: Dirk Wüestenhagen

Unit 4


Dirk Wüstenhagen is a German photographer who taught himself how to take photographs and create stunning pieces of creative art through software like Photoshop. He’s only been doing for a few years, so he’s relatively ‘New’ to the photographic world, however, his work’s are definitely not that of an amateur.

The images Dirk creates mainly consist of natural and landscape based themes. Having photographed amazing skyscapes at night time and beautiful foliage and then going on to process them to distort and give a real ‘grungy’ and dirty presence to the images. Dirk’s images are very moody, he creates different atmospheres in the images not through just the subject matter but through the musky colours and textures in the images. He post-processes his images by adding textures, light leaks, emulsion overlays and even more different combinations of his own custom made textures get his astonishing results.

Here are a few of Dirk Wüestenhagen’s amazing images:

Dirk’s style really show’s how post-modern photography has developed from this idealistic idea that image should be perfect and in a more photographic inclined generation we are looking for that ‘perfect’ image that has pin sharp focus, deep rich blacks and pearl whites. Dirk pushes all of these rules away, he creates images that aren’t perfect, but they’re attempting to mimic old style film photography with the added twist he can create anything he wants using digital editing with that analog feel.

That’s what makes Dirk’s images so intriguing and original, his images have imperfections and are dirty and gritty. Some may say Dirk’s images aren’t good because they don’t look pristine, however that’s what sets his apart from all other artists.



I edited all my images in photoshop using some textures I’ve made. Here’s a timelapse  of me editing the photos:


For my Wuestenhagen shoot, I took nearly 400 photos because I wanted to get as many different variation of shots and tones to have a good choice of assets for my final edits. Heres a few contact sheets of the photos:


My final images I created some very atmospheric and surreal images to replicate Wuestenhagen’s style:

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