UNIT 4: Display Ideas

Unit 4

Display and AO4 Mock-Ups

For my final display, I wanted something a little more interactive than just a simple static image on a wall, I want the viewers to be able to engage with my work and be able to understand the process of which I went through to get the images I did. Therefore, I’ve broken my work up into sections.

For the main ‘Centre’ piece I’ve chosen to display a short looping video which can set the atmosphere in the room. The premise of the video is multi-layered images that have a panning camera over the top. The panning of the camera will show and give the illusion of 3D to these images due to the changing perspective of the layers. Here’s  a short draft of the video


I’m also creating some interactive elements to present on the computers aswell, they’ll be running a 3D HTML engine that allows the viewers to move around in 3D space and see the layers of the object move.


In combination with the video I’ve decided to have a more ‘interactive’ element to my final display, I’ve chosen to print out each layer of my images on acetate and present them on top of a light box. Having these images presented on top of a lightbox will allow someone to come up and create their own image using my textures. I was inspired by the way Catherine Yass uses light boxes to present her work.

Finally, I want to present my final images, and to do this because I’ve been working in the medium of film photography I felt it would be quite fitting to print the entire of my photos on the big long strip of film. So instead of actual film, I’ll be using acetate again, but this time, I’ve created a 35mm film look on the edges of the paper and then have it displayed in a window to allow the viewers to see the image being lit up.


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