UNIT 4: Film Archive and Processing

Unit 4


Throughout Unit 4  I have been using a lot of film photography and what is important is that I keep all of my film negatives safe and clean, so for this is have gotten a binder to keep them all in a, I have catagorised them chronologically and also made contact sheets so I can see all of the shots.

I’ve taken a few photos of my binder so you can  see how I keep all of my film negatives stored, eventually, I’ll need to get another binder however, for now, a single one works fine.



After developing my negatives I have been experimenting with them by soaking them in different chemicals to create different effects. First I used standard thing bleach and the results were very interesting.

I negatives I used were overdeveloped and too dense, because I tried to devlelop Colour film with black and white developer and ended up developing them for slightly too long and they came out too dense to get any image off of. So I read up through multiple photography books and even some online forums and they all spoke of this ‘Farmers Reducer’ also known as potassium ferracyanide, It can either be made or picked up online as Photographic Bleach. What it does is breaks down the nitrate in the film and makes the film less dense, however if in the end gives a lower contrast. But the benifit is if you do it for too long and accidentally ware away the image you can just redevelop the film and the negative comes back out. The one massive problem I encountered however is the fact it is only sold in the US and can take weeks to arrive, so after ordering 100gs I researched up on other alternatives and found regular bleach can have the same properties, so I went with it and got a bottled and started bleaching.

I decided to try different mixtures and combinations to get different effects:

Here is my set up:

Strip 1

I soaked the film in diluted bleach in warm water for a few mins then fixed it, the outcome was interesting because the negatives were easier to see but still very dense:IMG_3869

Strip 2

I soaked the film in pure bleach few mins then deveopled it in T-Max developer and finally fixed it, this strip was my favourite because of the amazing colours and weird way the bleach discoloured the film:


Strip 3

I soaked the film in a lot of bleach until all the blue layer of emulsion dissapreared and then didnt fix it, this strip was came out very interesting due to the weird striping on the film:


Strip 4

I soaked the film in pure bleach until the entire of the film dissapreared and it was transparent then tried to redevelop it but nothing came out:


Strip 5

Finally, I left the film in pure bleach until the blue emulsion layer started to run and then quickly fixed it, this was the most succsessful strip because it was very easy to see the negatives on the film through some light:



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