Games Design – Castle Brief

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Mood Board

For the research of this project I started by looking at more traditional castles which have more sinister features that blend very well into dark and creepy atmospheres. I was inspired by Germanic castles that have many different spires and towers.

Here’s a Pinterest Mood board that I have compiled of images that I wish to achieve.

After playing about with different sketches and ideas for the castle I’ve chosen to go in a more Sci-fi direction with my castle as it would come across more unconventional. My ideas stemmed from the concept of creating a fortress in some sort of a Utopian world; creating interesting puzzle game play linked into a Utopian society would be a different perspective on the generic ‘castle’ game. I then ended up initially designing a maze for my game(based on the maze from ‘The Shining’). From this, I created an entire fortress and then went on to craft the games atmosphere and aesthetic into that which is an homage and is reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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