Top Down Level Design Brief

Games Design, XB1000


For this brief I’ve wanted to take the direction of setting my game in a modern western society, the game will be set in a built up contemporary metropolis controlled by large umbrella corporations. The concept is you play as a couple of rogue ‘Hackers for hire’; you’re contracted by anonymous clients to steal valuable and sensitive information from these  corporations in exchange for their hard earned money. Throughout the game you will encounter a multitude of different obstacles that will set you back and try to prevent you from achieving your mission goals.

The main inspiration for this came from the tense and engaging gameplay in games like PayDay 2, Deus Ex and Grand Theft Auto’s Heist mode. These modes not only can be played in a ‘balls to the walls’ style going in all guns blazing or they can be played in a very sneaky and stealthy way.

I feel like incorporating real life elements into the game such has the ability to take out security cameras and have to evade detection from guards will make the game a lot more engaging for the player.

The design will also include a ‘Blueprint’ mode where one of the players are able to view the plans for each building they’re infiltrating along with helpful hints about where security cameras, servers, security rooms, and hidden keys.


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