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Hammer Girl Brief – Week 1

January 28, 2017

Paper Plan

So this week, I have developed my Hammer Girl game brief by designing a paper plan for the level that encorperates a central village into the world that the player can revolve around and use as a reference point within the world

Level Layout

The general layout for this world follows the design of the paper plan, however I have extended the level into a ‘real world’ by populating it with foliage, trees, paths and background mountains to give the player a sense of scale and emmersion.

Overall Aesthetic

The general feel and emmersion of the game is supposed to convey a cold and icy feel across to the player, to successfully do this I have changed the post processing of the game to increase the exposure and blow out the highlights to create a colder feel, I have also increased the contract to give a very cinematic look. Alongside this, giving the game a tilt-shift look by decreasing the depth of field helps make the game feel very cartoony but also limiting the player’s vision.

Other Additions

I have also created an intro cinematic that helps illustrate the world to the player, I have also created a ‘frost’ effect that is connected directly to the players mana so when they lose mana due to being out in the cold it desaturated the colours in the screen and increasing the colour fringing, this give visual feedback to the state their player is in.

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