XB1101 – Handheld Prop Guitar

Games Design, XB1101

For this brief I developed a different take on creating a sword or an ‘Axe’. I started off my research by finding different variations of interesting guitars. I set my goals on creating a broken down Hofner/ Gretsch style guitar, mainly because I have one of these myself and could make the model accurate.

Here’s my Pinterest Board:

I then went and started to design my guitar by sketching out the outline in Adobe Sketch, I created a broken and beaten down guitar and a clean one.


I then went into Maya and started to model the guitar and texture the final UVs in photoshop to give the guitar a Jackson Pollock style with the paint and the final renders I did in Unreal Engine 4, giving the pick ups a rusted golden material and the scratch plate a dark black texture

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