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Hammer Girl Brief – Week 3

February 9, 2017


This week I have gone ahead and adapted upon what I have developed last week by making multiple destructible objects within the world: a barrel, a box and a special kind of rock that will yield more gems for the player when smashed. This gives a seeking mechanic to the game as the player will require a certain amount of gems to complete the level.

Barrel And Boxes.PNG

The point behind having destructible rocks means the player will go out into the world to explore to find more rocks, however this exposes them to the other mechanic I have implemented. Because Hammer Girl is exposed in this icy cold woods she will become increasingly cold which will start to lose her health/ mana unless she some how gains more health. When she is low on health it will be indicated by both a visual heads up display which shows an  exact value, but also by the screen effects as the become increasingly de-saturated and as the highlights become blown out.


The way Hammer girl regains health is she eats wild mushrooms scattered around the map which will randomly regenerate as the game goes on. Hammer girl won’t be affected by the cold when she is within the confines of the village, however out in the brisk woods she won’t be so lucky.



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