XB2000 – Logo Design


For my business card I took inspiration from minimal graphic design movements to make my design bold and clean. When initially designing the logo I went for something simple, rather than just putting my initials which has been very played out in personal business cards. I felt writing my own name in my handwriting gives a very personal feel to the card.

Logo’s such as Apple, Nike and Google’s really stood out to me as they’re eye catching and simple. I felt subtlety is key when designing the logo, by adding a video game controller to the bottom of my name it helped convey the ‘game’ aspect to my card.

Here’s a Pinterest board of cards and logos that I was inspired by

My initial sketches were of my name condensed into my initials however I eventually brainstormed and stuck to a design encorperating my name and half a game controller.

To make the contact easier you can simply scan the QR code on the reverse of the card with your phone camera and simply add my contact details into your phone book.

Here are the final designs for the card and logo and a few mock up designs

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