XB2001 – Sketch Up Level


When designing a sketch up level I thought I would challenge myself because my sketch up skills are rather amateur. I thought pushing my abilities would help me improve. After being tasked with making a level from one of my favourite games I jumped straight to the PS2 era tony hawk games, as they’re some of the best levels I’ve ever played in games. Because the Tony Hawk Underground 2 training map is the one I have probably played the most I felt that one was the most appropriate to recreate.

Source: http://tonyhawkgames.wikia.com

My initial ambitions were to model two levels, the training map and Berlin. However, due to the challenges and amount of time I put in creating the training map I ran out of time to make the Berlin map.


Source: http://tonyhawkgames.wikia.com

When creating a floor plan for the level I took reference images from the internet but also refined my sketches by playing the game and drawing as much as I could on my reference sheet. My references don’t include absolutely everything in the map like boxes and some rails, despite this my reference sheet includes the main level attributes. Most of the level is created from modular components which I could just duplicate and place in different locations.

THUG2 - Training Map

Even though the map is relatively small, I knew it would be a challenge designing a level that incorporates some very complex bowls, ramps and pipe shapes. Due to sketch up not being very forgiving to creating curves and circles, this level really did challenge me. After a lot of screaming, frustration and even points of giving up I was able to finalise this level.

Here’s a final gallery of the finished level, in no way is this level perfect or 100% accurate, but I felt it was a really good attempt for my poor 3D modelling and Sketch Up Skills.

Sketch Up file LINK

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