XB2000 – Cards


After being set a brief that is based on double exposure/ layering images in photoshop I was very excited. As I have done lost of double exposure photography in the past I knew I’d be able to create some very unique and gorgeous images that would really stand out from the rest. I decided to use some images I have taken in the past, majority consisting of landscapes and architectural images. I also wanted to integrate some grunge and light leaks into the images to give them a more natural and rustic aesthetic to them.

The nine images were heavily influenced by the work’s of Dirk Weustenhagen, I have done work based on Dirk’s in the past and I absolutely adore his work. This pinterest board show’s what exactly inspired me into developing my final works.

The images I have used consist mainly of landscapes of Lake Windermere, I have also used some images of Prestons more urban landscapes. I feel the antithesis between the two settings show a more detailed look at myself: where I’ve come from to where I am now.


I have also assembled a 3D representation of what the cards would look like in a more realistic setting.


Finally here’s a closer look are some of my favourite images, each of these images have had hour spent on each, maticulously crating every element to give a very specific aesthetic and feel to the image.

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