XB2002 – High Quality Prop


For this brief we were tasked with modelling, UV unwrapping, texturing and finally taking a prop into UE4 all from scratch. For this we were given a choice of three reference images and I felt like taking on the most challenging one. The prop I chose was the generator model from Borderlands 2. This model was a lot more complex than the other choices and had a more difficult reference image as one side was entirely hidden.

The final model I produced I was extremely happy with, I felt I had improved upon my 3D modelling skills, found some more useful techniques for UV unwrapping objects and also found a style of hand texturing that really worked to my advantage.

Here’s a few images of the final prop after it had been taken into UE4, textured, had a material applied and been put into a lit scene:

I felt very proud after texturing this model as it came out very realistic, everything in the texture was made by hand or using a cloud/noise generator in photoshop, I did not use and photographic materials or textures to create this.


Apart from that this whole brief was very fun and helped me expand upon some skills I have really needed to learn. In total the prop was 10718 tris and had a 2K texture applied to it.

Here’s a link to my Maya Binary File 

Here is a short video of me talking about the pros and cons of my prop:

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