XB2001 – The Door Problem (Week 1)


For the ‘Door Brief’ I felt like going with a simple solution that mechanically works but also works well in terms of gameplay. For this I came up with a few concepts of doors in corridors, in different rooms like a maze, but finally settled on having a simple room that is accessible from four different doors. The player has to find the correct key for the correct door and access each. Here’s a quick sketch I put together that illustrates the game: 

I also wanted to go a step further and have taken on the ambition of creating this game in AR. Since Apple has just released an amazing API called ‘ARKit’ which has a great integration into UE4 I will try and implement this into the game, allowing the player to become more integrated into the game. This however may not be done in the final version as ARKit has a few bugs in the current build of UE4 and will only be fully supported in 4.18 which currently hasn’t been released yet.

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