XB2001 – The Door Problem (Week 2)


So in the second week of this project I was able to get the AR for the game working very smoothly with Apple’s ARKit. I was able to get the ARCamera integrated very well with the scene.

I have stuck together a pinterest board which helps illustrate some more proffesional examples of good AR use in Games:

This was the blueprint for the ARCamera BP, this encorperates two main functions: the first is a cast to an actor to see whether its a door the player needs to open or a key the players to pick up. The second is the actual camera hit test to see whether the ARKit plugin can detect a flat plane within the world to place a virtual object, in this case it’s the actual scene the player uses.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 23.51.35.png

For the sake of this only being a one week brief I have quickly deployed the level on my iPhone and done a screen recording to show what you can do in the level.

*Future Update*
I’m planning on adding a menu screen and a more fluid lighting system to this level when I get more time to work on it.

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