30 Day Photo Challenge

30 day photographic challenge.

These are a some photos I have taken for a project at school where I was challenged to take 30 photos from different themes.

Why do you think people take photographs?

I find people take photographs to capture and re-live memories, such as holiday abroad, a family wedding, and even something as simple as a walk. I think people also take photos to show and the natural beauty or even artificial beauty an object or a scene has. In my opinion I think people take photos not for what’s in the actual photo, but simply because of the meaning behind the photo.

What inspires you to take photos?

I’m inspired by the intricacies and complexity that can be found in simple and small thinks, because I mainly like to work in macro, I find using a macro lens helps me capture that. I also like to take pictures of people in their natual habitat, because I get inspired by people. Humans have never ceased to amaze me, some things we can be funny, they can be awful, but mainly things we do can be truly amazing. And, I find by capturing an amazing achievements by humans it can make the achievement live on.

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