AO1 Portraits Research

Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh is a of masters of modern photography. The photos he takes includes portraits of celebrities, artists, musicians, authors, scientists.  His interesting portfolio involves the viewer with an personal and warm view of the human race.

Yousuf-Karsh This is Yousuf’s self portrait

Karsh work well with studio lights. Karsh’s most recognised features was lighting the subject’s hands. He took portraits many of the great celebrities of his generation. Most of his life he used the 8×10 frames and a camera, made circa 1940 in Chicago.

And here are some of his most famous portraits

Cecil Beaton

Cecil designed book covers and costumes , learning to take professional photographs at a studio, until Vogue took him on regularly in 1927. He also started his own studio, and one of his earliest clients and best friends was Stephen Tennant, Beaton’s photographs of Stephen and his circle are thought to be some of the best photos of the Bright Young People of the twenties and thirties.

Cecil_Beaton_Photographs-_General;_Beaton,_Cecil_IB4287CThis is Cecil during WW2

Here are some of Cecil’s most famous works:


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