AO2 Still Life, Review and Evaluation

This is a quick review/ evaluation of my first photo school and how I developed the ideas of those photos into my second set of photos.

In the first set if photos I tried to base my work around Steve Chong and Tracey Emin, but from that I have found other artists and techniques though which I could create more impressive and meaningful photos.

I started to look at a photographer called Ed Burtynsky, website found here, where he shows the beauty which can be found in the horrible and disgusting areas of human life, for example he has taken photos of landfills to capture them and make them look as if they’re natural.



No copyright infringement intended.

I then developed this ideas and tried to combine them with Tracey Emin’s work and basically capture dirty, gross and un-natural objects and make them look beautiful. And the result was this:


But for me this isn’t a powerful image, because although it is a nice composition, there is too much going on. There are too many conflicting colours, so I had a look around on Pinterest for ideas and I came across a technique called ‘Selective Colour Photography’ and I explain this more in depth here. So by using this new technique I edited a couple more photos and by doing this it improved my photos a lot more by creating a prominant coloured area in the photo.


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