AO3 Landscape Experimenting with HDR

So after taking my ‘Little Planet’ photos I decided to play around with them in photoshop. What I have done is on two of the photos that have a lot more darker areas that were under exposed I decided to goto the extreme of that and completely lower the exposure of the photos and then I added the HDR Toning effect but by using ‘Equalise Histogram’ to flatten the colours out but then give a lot more depth and mood to the picture. After, I then took the other two photos into Photoshop, these were the ones where I was stood in the field, which had a lot more highlights an vibrant colours; so I used the HDR Toning effect again, but this time I used the ‘Local Adaptive’ mode to made the colours at more saturated and vibrant. By using a different HDR mode I’m able to achieve a more happier and colourful picture.

With Equalise Histogram HDR Toning:

With Local Adaptive HDR Toning:

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