AO3 Still Life Shoot

In these photos I did shoot where I went around my school to find a range of items, mainly rubbish, this is to relate back to one of my photographers Trace Emin. I also tried to relate my work to Steve Chong by using a lower ISO this means the image is darker but can also give a richer and more prominent contrast. I have also tried to base my photos upon the work of Ed Burtynsky where he uses rubbish and waste to make natural and organic images out of it.

In my images I used a range of techniques, mainly I used a macro lens and a lower f-stop so I focus the viewer on on part of the image with a shallower depth of field. The images I have tried to increase the contrast to make the images more minimalist like Steve Chong.

I have also started to explore the technique of highlighting and making one colour more prominent than the others for examples in my last image where i have a crisp packet and I have made the rest of the colours black and white, but i have made the bullion the packet the main colour.

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