3D Modeling

Over the years, I have become very familiar with many different 3D modeling and rendering software such as Maya and 3Ds Max,  my favorite of all being Blender 3D. This is an open source software that runs on  almost any platform. Teaching myself how to use Blender 3D was a learning curve despite its power and diversity! I’ve been using this software for an extensive amount of time and can now achieve a lot in the software in terms of 3D modeling, animation and texturing. Here are some examples of what I have achieved:

(Please bare in mind that these images are years old! A lot of my current work is lost and these were some images I was able to salvage off Facebook so they’re not the best quality and they don’t express my current ability.)

Above are some of my first renders,  made using very basic lighting setups; single colour shaders; very primitive shapes – no real ‘modeling’.

These were more advanced in comparison to my other objects yet they’re still very, very basic models. I had started to play around with baking lightmaps (I thought they were the coolest thing ever at the time). The models themselves were some sci-fi weapons I created for a prototype of a game I made in Unity 3D.


This is an image I’m very proud of, despite the basic geometric shapes – I love the low-poly style as it is beautiful, retro, post-modern and simple but very powerful. A combination of the chromatic aberration, the depth of field and slight tilt-shift effect a really vibrant atmosphere is created in the image.

In conclusion, my 3D modeling skills are a lot better than what has been represented here. However, file corruption is a thing and I lost my entire Blender archive.

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