Castle Hotel 3/3/17

WOW! What a gig, Great performance from all the bands we saw that night at the Castle Hotel, once again in Manchester. It was a spectacular one from Glass Phantoms, coming back to play again where they played their first gig. A bloody scary performance from Bones Shake, genuinely frightened at points. And, overall mind blowing one from Twisted Dolls, now only playing as a two piece (Still gutted we didn’t get to hear Electrify).

Overall I got some pretty dirty photos of the bands, except… If i had loaded my film properly I would have gotten photos of all the bands, sorry Phantoms, but the first roll apparently didn’t catch in my camera, aaaaaaa-nd I didn’t get any pics. However! I do have plenty more photos of the Phantoms on my blog and two music videos for them so you can check these out at the bottom of the post!

And here are the grizzly photos I took on my Minolta XG-M exposed on the beautiful Ilford Delta 3200, Please contact me if you wish to use any of the photos (

Live Gigs


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