Graphic Art

In terms of graphic art/design I have a lot, probably too much to post on WordPress, but I’m going to attempt it anyway. All of my works I have uploaded to RedBubble as well so they’re available to buy on certain products however, most of them have been removed due to ‘copyright’ seeing as a large portion of my works are influenced by pop culture.

These were some pop culture posters I made in the style of WW2 propaganda posters. The inspiration from these came from old graphic design posters which I love for the varying typography and rich colours that we don’t see anymore with modern design.

I have also made some pop culture prints in the style of the Barrack Obama Hope poster that was very famous. These prints I drew in Illustrator instead of using a posterize filter in Photoshop which can be very messy and leave an inaccurate final product. These prints were very time consuming due to the complexity of the process I chose.

I also made these grungy, minimal pop art style prints based on various pop culture icons. Individually, these prints took a long time to create as I wanted the story of the character to come through in the colours and shapes used. I created larger versions of each print to upload on RedBubble, giving a higher quality image to print

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