Greg The Geek

Greg The Geek was a game concept I came up with a long time ago but have never had a chance to develop or work on the game until I started my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) where I was told to research up on any subject I wanted and do something practical. In the end, I researched Independent Game Development and started to design, concept and ultimately make my own game. Here are some early concepts of the game:


This led me on to making colour concepts for the character and the style of the game.

I then went on to develop a very crude Game Design Document that outlined the basis for the game:

Game Design Document (GDD)

Jakob MacDonald


Greg The Geek


Windows, Mac, Linux, possible mobile platforms.

Game Engine:

Unity 3D


The main story idea is based around the main character, Greg. Greg lives a simple, humble life in his house, but one day Greg notices there is more to life, so he starts to explore the outside world. When Greg explores the outside world he sees there is more to life than just sitting inside on his computer, he takes wild adventures solving puzzles avoiding dangerous creatures and trying to find and figure out the meaning to not only his but everyone else’s life. But, as Greg becomes more aware and more knowledgeable about his quest and his meaning he starts to become more fearful and paranoid of the outcome.


Greg the Geek.


The gameplay/ mechanics will consist of a 2D platform style game where there are a certain amount of power ups e.g. speed, better jump height etc. The controls/ mechanics in the game I wanted to keep fairly simple to appeal to a wider variety of audiences. This means I’ll only be implementing running and jumping. The basic method of leveling up will be based on the amount of ‘Knowledge’ Greg has.


However, in the end, the entire idea and mechanics of the game were changed because this project became too ambitious for my first ‘real’ game and I felt it needed simplifying.

Eventually, I created a very basic platformer game in which the aim was to jump and collect coins and avoid falling and losing all of Greg’s lives.


I’m currently working on a newer version of the app which is more refined, it has a different colour scheme and the app is now portrait for ease of use.

Here are some early screenshots


Game links:



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