The Lomo Project

The Lomo Project

The Lomo project was something I embarked on for my A-Level computing project. It was a simple and minimal iOS application that allowed users to create and develop their own Lomography style images that incorporate the experimental style and feel of using real film cameras, without the expense.

For this, I added a variety of different elements to the application to create a universal feel for the user. First, I added a section where the user can apply basic tools to edit their image including Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Exposure. Next, I painstakingly  went through a range of different film stocks and recreated them through filters the user can apply to their images. The beauty of these filters is the ability to layer them and create your own unique style with the filters, users can also delete filters as well. The texture section of this application allows users to apply light leaks, grit and dust textures, Bokeh and even high resolution 35mm film textures that make it seem like your image is on real film.

Here are a few images I created using the application:

Over time, I will be adding more and more filters, textures and borders to the application to make the application’s possibilities endless.

Lomo can be found on the Apple App store(Lomo – Lomography Photo Editor).

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