Red Rock

January 16, 2016

Using Unreal Engine 4, I created a Sci-Fi wasteland scene that I call ‘Red Rock’. For this scene I created a barren desert level that was full of sloping hills, towering rocks and some sign of a long lost civilisation. I used a range of different effects to create the cinematic style of this trailer. These are as follows: Depth of Field Motion Blur Lens Flares Atmospheric Fogs Particle Systems Chromatic Aberration Here is a short video showcasing the final…

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Grassy Meadow

January 11, 2016

Using Unreal Engine 4, I created a large ‘Grassy Meadow’ scene consisting of large towering rock formations, flowing grass and foliage which together gives the player an immersive feel. To make the scene more realistic, I added models of hay bales, carts and barrels amongst other objects. The scene itself was very basic to create, I purposely added in pinch points in specifically placed areas within the terrain to help direct the players view and make them move to key…

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