The Brickyard, Carlisle

June 26, 2017

The end of an era, the Phantoms play their last gig with their bassist Tom, but what a power house performance! I don’t know whether it was the rustic atmosphere of Brickyard, the grizzly vocals from Jimi, or the down right scary thumping of Matt’s drums. It was truly special, I felt the images I took captured the event perfectly. The smoke ridden halls, the blinding lights all immortalised forever in these 57 images. Live Gigs Glass Phantoms Live Night…

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Castle Hotel 3/3/17

March 11, 2017

WOW! What a gig, Great performance from all the bands we saw that night at the Castle Hotel, once again in Manchester. It was a spectacular one from Glass Phantoms, coming back to play again where they played their first gig. A bloody scary performance from Bones Shake, genuinely frightened at points. And, overall mind blowing one from Twisted Dolls, now only playing as a two piece (Still gutted we didn’t get to hear Electrify). Overall I got some pretty dirty photos…

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A Grand Wedding

November 22, 2016

After an inspiring trip to London and exploring the vintage filled depths of Brick Lane, me and Rosina attended great uncle Christopher’s much awaited wedding at The Mayfair Library. I only got a few shots whilst I was there, however I was able to capture some amazing moments on my trusted Polaroid.…

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Glass Phantoms Live At Mile Castle 66 2016

September 26, 2016

Another gig, another great performance! Here are a pile load of photos I took whilst Glass Phantoms performed at Carlisle’s Mile Castle 66 Festival. The last 15 or so photos here I took on my Minolta XG-M film camera and tired pushing it to its limits to see what beauty it can capture.…

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Windermere Shoot

August 26, 2016

Here is a collection of photos I have taken for a local client who wanted some vintage style photos of the local Lake District scenery. Please contact me if you’re interested in hiring me for your next project, email me at    …

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Night and Day Cafe

August 25, 2016

After a mental night, two broken guitar strings and some awesome music here’s the photos from The Glass Phantoms 3rd gig at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester.…

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Trip To Ross

June 2, 2016

Over half term me and the family went to Ross-on-Wye close to south wales, here are the best photos from that trip: These next set of photos were taken on my 1980 Lubitel 166b With Lomography colour film, the first roll I didn’t scan properly but gave some awesome colour results and the second and third roll I was able to scan properly.…

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The Lomo Project

April 1, 2016

The Lomo Project The Lomo project was something I embarked on for my A-Level computing project. It was a simple and minimal iOS application that allowed users to create and develop their own Lomography style images that incorporate the experimental style and feel of using real film cameras, without the expense. For this, I added a variety of different elements to the application to create a universal feel for the user. First, I added a section where the user can…

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